Workshops are designed to reinforce the core concepts of Integrative Acupuncture and are suitable as a refresher even for seasoned practitoners.

Integrative Acupuncture Workshop 1 (IA WS 1) Brunswick Heads

Polishing our Skills, acupuncture is an art that requires constant practice. In Japan acupuncturists meet regularly to study and practice, to develop their 'kata' or form. Integrative Acupuncture is a palpation based style modelled on Meridian Therapy, where much attention is placed on feeling the body, the ki, the skin, the meridians, the points. Treatment is directed through these findings rather than the symptoms. This work shop will provide an opportunity to sharpen your palpatory and needling skills so come and join us for this engaging training.

Workshop 1 Dates and Fees
February 22 and 23. 2014
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Fees are $550 or $50O if you are member of ASAP


Previous Workshops

IA WS 2 presents simple Integrative Acupuncture core skills for practitioners who have completed a Level 1 Dry Needling. This course will assist you to develop more refined needling skills, not present in DN, that are intrinsic to traditional styles of acupuncture.

IA WS 3 offers and opportunity to revisit core concepts in IA for practitioners who have completed at least Level 1 IA or Traditional Acupuncture.

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