Training Level 2 Reading List

For the Integrative Acupuncture Training Level 2, there are a number of required texts that students will need, along with some recommended reading. These are as follows:

Required texts for Training Level 2:

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture: Fundamentals of Practice by Kuwahara K (ed)
A Manual of Acupuncture by Deadman P et al

Further recommended texts:

Introduction to Meridian Therapy by Shudo Denmai

It is expected that participants would have read Kuwahara, the first two chapters especially significant as they give a foundational overview, the third chapter is revision of meridian pathways, chapter four deals with organs (zo fu). Chapter five covers the aetiology of disease and includes constitutional influences. Don't worry about chapter 6 for now. Chapter seven and eight cover diagnostics. Please don't get bogged down with chapter eight, as we will use a simplified methodology. Chapter nine covers treatment, but again it's quite detailed for now, but will be very accessible in a little while after you have completed level 2.


These books may be sourced from China Books who offer a 15% discount to participants in my courses. Ring (02) 9280 1885 to order with discount.


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