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You will find in this section some useful information. This pertains to things you may need to do at home, lifestyle advice,  articles of interest about acupuncture and some recommended specialist practitioners.


Below are some resources that Paula may have directed you to.

Chinese Dietetics
Information on Principles that Nourish Life 


Jane Lyttleton's Acupuncture IVF Support Clinic

Useful Links

Baby Care Information
A leading UK midwife offers excellent information on breast feeding, skin care etc.
Womens Health
Mary O'Dwyer, a leading Womens Health Physiotherapists has excellent information on her site.
Dietary Information
Low Glycaemic Index Foods for pre diabetic and diabetic patients.
Low GI recipes

This clip on Zen is the best one I have come across. The technique is based on watching the breath by counting the in and out breaths. I'd suggest that after a little time it may be helpful to stop counting and to simply follow the breath. Give it a try, can't be too bad, just sitting around doing nothing!
Qi Gung
There is a plethory of U Tube clips, most of them are pretty naf. This one is good, very simple to follow with clear instruction.
Nourishing life
A wonderful article, with basic principles on being healthy and happy, please read this!!
Pain Management
The Neuro Orthopaedic Institute - NOI site, has wonderful information, excellent for those living or working with chronic pain.

Links to sites covering articles on acupuncture, research and evidence:
Does acupuncture work?

In treatment patients should feel more of the 'doctor' and less the needle

The problem with current research methods when applied to acupuncture

Historical overview of the development of acupuncture in China


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