Integrative Acupuncture provides a variety of different resources to our patients, our students and to those interested in more information about Acupuncture and related research/studies, here on our website. We have divided these resources into three main areas:

General Resources

In this section we have included a number of interesting research articles, videos and links for those interested in discovering more about acupuncture, and other studies/practices that form the basis of Integrative Acupuncture.These resources are available to everyone on the General Resources page.

Patient Resources

In this section, Integrative Acupuncture provides a number of useful resources to our patients. We have uploaded a number of useful information sheets, as well as links to other websites that may be relevent. These resources are available to everyone on the Patient Resources page.

Student Resources

In this section, Integrative Acupuncture provides course materials and other useful resources to students enrolled in our training programs and workshops. Once enrolled in a training program or workshop, Integrative Acupuncture will provide you with login details to access the relevent resources. Registered students of Integrative Acupuncture Training and Workshops can access these resources on the Student Resources page.




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Student / Members Access

Students enrolled in Integrative Acupuncture Training programs and Workshops may use login details provided by Course Admin to access resources and course materials here.
You must be logged in to access these course materials, which are available via the Training or Student Resources Pages. For lost or forgotton login details, please contact us.