What is Integrative Acupuncture?

Integrative acupuncture draws upon influences from classical acupuncture as found in Japanese Meridian Therapy, Dai Shin Hari a style of acupuncture taught by the paediatric specialist Tanioka sensei from Osaka, as well the contemporary fields of manual therapy which focus on the fascial system. There is an integration of western science with eastern healing arts. The cornerstone of Integrative Acupuncture is to foster practices that Nourish Life. We employ techniques that invite change rather than force it. Why shout when a whisper will suffice?

Integrative Acupuncture encompasses an holistic view of the body through the prisms of the meridian, neurological and fascial systems. We use high quality very fine, single use sterile disposable needles. This is often in combination with moxibustion  (the application of burning mugwort), manual therapy (fascial and other soft tissue releases and joint mobilisation), exercise as well as lifestyle advice. For children or sensitive adults with an extreme aversion to needles, we can use a method of meridian stroking with blunt non insertion tools (see video of this method) called shonishin.

At Integrative Acupuncture and Physiotherapy, we believe that wellbeing is dependent on many factors, only some of which are under our control. Fundamentally, life balance can be seen in simple arithmetic terms. Some factors act as a credit and others as a debit; we need to foster activities and attitudes which nourish life and temper those which don’t. We need to learn what to adopt and what to abandon in order to Nourish Life. Our aim is to work collaboratively with patients to set in place strategies to achieve this. You can obtain more information on some basic principles that Nourish Life in our resource section.




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